Electronic Services

Convenient banking... any way, anywhere.

Coastal Financial Credit Union provides a variety of easy and convenient services to help you access and manage your money from anywhere, anytime. Whether you are banking in the evenings, looking for a surcharge-free ATM in another province, or travelling around the globe, Coastal Financial Credit Union provides you with the access you need. Manage your accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week with MemberDirect® Telephone, MemberDirect® Text. MemberDirect® Mobile Web and now our Mobile App!

MemberDirect® Online Service

What if you only had time to do your banking at night? No problem. With MemberDirect online service, you can check your account balances, pay bills, transfer funds and more - anytime using your computer. Learn more 

MemberDirect® Mobile Web, MemberDirect® Text Services and Mobile App Banking.

How do you check your account when you're miles from a computer? It's simple. You can perform all the key functions of our online banking service by using your Internet-enabled, mobile phone. Learn More. Use text banking to see your balances when you have no mobile Internet access or you have an older feature mobile phone Learn More. Use your Smartphone to access our Mobile App. Learn More.

MemberDirect® Phone Service

How do you pay your bills when you're at the cottage and there is no Internet access? Easy. Call 1-800-963-4848 to check balances, pay bills, transfer funds and make payments. Learn More

ATM Banking

How do you find an ATM when you're on the road? No sweat. Use the Credit Union Locator Apps --- to find an ATM in seconds. Credit Unions have over 3,200 ATMs accross Canada. Learn More

Branch Banking

What if you need to do your banking in another province? You can! The credit union branches in Atlantic Canada are all connected, so you can walk into any branch and get the same service you'd get at home. Learn More

Global Purchase Power

How do you access your money when traveling abroad? Swipe your MEMBER CARD® debit card in Dublin or your Mastercard® in Madrid. No matter where you go, your credit union goes with you. Learn more